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Back in Madrid

I’m back in Spain. Am I happy? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. England has so many things wrong with it, but I am becoming so frustrated by attitudes in Spain that I am sure were not here before, or if they were, then they were the beliefs of the minority, or maybe I was too busy looking at Spain through rose-tinted spectacles. I am fed up with the archaic work attitudes in this country. People believe here that the longer your bum warms the seat at work, the more you produce. Thankfully in my office it doesn’t happen (but then I’m the manager, so I don’t force this attitude!). In Spain the idea of a work-life balance is something to be laughed at or wished for. Spain is 15 years behind the UK in HR practice. I’m beginning to rant here….

The important thing is that I am learning a lot, I work in a good company, and at the end of the month, I am paid a decent salary. Not a lot of people can this at the moment, especially in Spain.

I returned to Swedish last week. I was convinced that after summer, my short term memory would have contributed to forgetting every word of the language, that I would appear in class and babble something unintelligible. Thankfully this didn’t happen – I managed to explain my summer in something sounding vaguely like Swedish.

I need to get on and market Obituary. It has been selling, slowly, but it has been selling, and that without any effort on my part. Now I need to begin the marketing, else Obituary, a novel that I sweated, a work that I believe in, will remain on a handful of bookshelves, never to hit the mainstream audience and become the beginning of my recognition as a postmodern writer.


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