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Illegal strike halts flights across Spain. The year of discontent continues

I should have been on my way to Heathrow airport now, however I am still in Spain. The reason? Spanish air traffic controllers, who earn an average of between 250,000€ and 300,000€ per year, deciding not to bother turning up for work yesterday. The first weekend of December is a major public in Spain. This illegal walk out has left 300,000 passengers without their holidays. I’ve no idea whether or not I’ll be going to New York – a trip I’ve been planning since the summer.

I wonder if the people who go on strike think or even consider who is the most affected by their actions. It is the customers, the very people who pay their salaries. Their actions surmount more to blackmail than they do to a protest. I wonder how many of the 20% unemployed of the Spanish population would gladly take the jobs, salaries, and working conditions of this group of selfish individuals?

I hope that the Spanish government shows itself to be strong, and fires every single one of these lazy pigs, and brings civil action against them.

The year of discontent, countries needing bailouts for overspending, and strike after strike after strike, each time bringing misery to millions of people, continues.

For now, I continue searching for a way to New York.

If you want to read more about the actions of this indescribable group of people, please see the below news articles:


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  1. Todos aquellos controladores que no hayan presentado a su puesto de trabajo de manera injustificada durante la huelga ilegal deben de ser despedidos sin indemnización, juzgados y prohibidos de ejercer cualquier trabajo en el sector público. Espero que paguen las consecuencias de sus actos ilegales, de los daños económicos causados, que hayan provocado a dicenes de miles de personas. No se puede hacer las cosas así. Si yo no me presento a mi puesto de trabajo porque no me da la gana, estaré en la calle, despedido sin indemnización.

    Comment by kelvinwright | December 4, 2010 | Reply

  2. I am now officially one of the many thousands of travellers, affected by this illegal walkout and refusal to work, that is part of the joint claim. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes. If you were affected, and have not yet taken legal action, do so quickly. It really is not difficult and we need to make these people know that there are ways and methods to protest, and their’s was not one of them.

    Comment by kelvinwright | February 5, 2011 | Reply

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