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The Facebook is mightier than the sword

2011 may forever be remembered for the revolutions in the Arab world that are dominating and writing the news headlines on a daily basis. The longstanding repressive Dictatorships of Tunisia and Egypt have fallen. Now Libya, Yemen and Bahrain are feeling the pressure. The former has so far shown a much more brutal stance in its efforts to keep hold of its power and its terror over the people. More countries in the affected regions are seeing protests, whilst others must now be nervous that they will be next. Now word is creeping out that the protests have stepped outside the Arab world into the world’s largest repressive regime: China. And they have all done this with the help of the same medium: Facebook.

Protests and movements have been organised on the forum previously used to display photos, status updates, whether people are happy or sad. Dictatorships have controlled people for much of the last century through depriving people of independent thought via propaganda: carefully constructed messages broadcast on the radio, in books, and a strict control of the press. Once the masses have been moved, their traditional customs and morals can then be stripped away to construct a new set of values supporting the Dictatorial regime. But the internet, Google, and Facebook have given people the means to access the truth. Not only this, they have given people the means to fight back, to organise, and to publish their own beliefs and in essence, their own propaganda.


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