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The Fall of Gaddafi

A theme running through my writings is not just an analysis of the twenty-first century world, but how historians will review, analyse and evaluate the impressions that we leave behind. This theme is key in Obituary – will history be our teacher, or our judge?

Just as the first eighteen years of the twentieth century saw centuries old empires undergo fundamental, dramatic and rapid change, so the first eleven years of this century, and indeed the last six months in particular have seen decades old regimes toppled. Tunisia; Egypt, and now it seems that Libya, barring official confirmation. Syria too is on the brink, events in Libya no doubt being watched with keen eyes by all sides of the uprising war there. If we go back eight years, we see the falling of Saddam Hussein.

Perhaps the only doubts now regarding Gaddafi are 1) where is he? and 2) is he hiding in a Saddam style hole? Or a Hitler style war bunker?

The 21st century is providing us with change, some natural, some forced, not all desired, depending upon who one asks.


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  1. 21st/October/2011 – It appears he was found hiding in a drain, ironic considering he called his opponents “rats”.

    Comment by Kelvin Wright | October 21, 2011 | Reply

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