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11 11 11 Remembering

I should have posted this comment on the 11th of November, but for some reason it slipped off my radar.

Each year on the 11th of November I stand up and pause for two silent minutes to think, to remember, and to give thanks. Some 8 million people died during the Great War, the war to end all wars as it was called, the war that would be over by Christmas. The statistics are frightening, the first industrial war led to a scale of death and destruction never previously seen. Inventions that could have made life easier, were used to end it sooner.

I wore my poppy, several people in Spain asked me why, and I was happy to share the tradition with them – so we always remember, and never must we forget. I would say that as long as we never forget so the horrors could never be repeated. This would be false ideology – World War II showed that, and all the wars that have happened and continue right now around the world. Somebody said that if the leaders of the world were all mothers, then wars would not occur. Perhaps if the leaders of the world had to send their own children into battle, then they would think twice. Perhaps if the leaders of the world had to lead from the front, then wars would never happen. Or maybe war is inevitable.

As I stood here, at 11.00am, GMT, my poppy proudly pinned to me, I remembered, I prayed, and I hoped, never again.

The BBC has put together a sombre and informative set of videos about WWI:


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