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The inner demons that thwart our progress

They could be called Facebook, email, TV, shopping, and numerous other things…  In addition, I go to the gym three times a week; I work 40 hours a week; I’m studying German; I read; I have a girlfriend; not to mention family and friends, who all want (and deserve!) a share of my time. But the demons (or interuptions/time waster) and the commitments, hobbies and relationships all come down to the same thing: personal planning, personal organisation, and personal responsibility.


An athlete friend of mine told me once that athletics is such hard work. He trains so many hours a day, every day, and then the race lasts under 8 seconds. People just see those 8 seconds, not the hundreds of hours of back-breaking work behind him, the frustrations of, “tomorrow it will be much of the same all over again”. He told me numerous times that he was close to letting it beat him, to packing it all in….. but he’s always carried on.


I’m currently fighting my own demons, just a few words a week, wondering, “If I carry on like this, the novel might be finished by about 2050!!!! My ideas are good, I know they are. And I have enough ideas for two decades of books! My birthday is at the end of next month. My aim before this is to have:


1)      Two short stories ready for a christmas publication.

2)      15,000 words added to the novel.


It’s a realistic, but challenging objective, and I’ll be posting the updates on here.


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