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Perpetual nightfall – the life of the 21st century worker

The life of the 21st century worker is one of perpetual nightfall. We get up at 6.00 a.m., breakfast if we are lucky, and leave for work, letting the morning birds sleep, the dark sky overhead. We are enclosed in an air tight, air conditioned, glass cube the whole day, neither smelling nor feeling daylight – it may as well be on a TV screen, beyond our touch. The glass cube in which we work would serve as an experiment for a future manned mission to Mars, enclosing people in an artificially confined space and expecting them to operate.


At night we leave work – the sun has gone to bed, pulling the dark blanket across the skies once more. We follow a steady and continuous stream of red tail lights into (or out of) the cities, our eyes stinging against the tiredness and stress burning away in them. We get home; enjoy brief moments with our partners, and our families. If we are lucky, the children are not yet in bed. We eat dinner, go to bed, and get ready to repeat the story tomorrow.


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