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Presenteeism and the false link between “more hours equals more work”

In 1996 I completed the thesis for my undergraduate degree on the effects of workplace stress on the organisation and the employees. The results were astounding, although without ever having worked, they were for me theoretical.

Study after study comes out high-lighting the risk factors associated with working too many hours, with too many peaks of stress, with sleep deprivation caused by worrying about impossible and unmanageable workloads, that what it more astounding is that not only do employees continue to work long hours in the hope of satisfying Management and avoiding the next round of workforce cuts, but that Management and organisations allow this to happen. Some countries and companies where I have worked still believe that the employee who is sat at his/her desk before the Manager arrives, and slaves away after the Manager leaves is the best one – presenteeism I called it in 1996, a word that today is known by most, and suffered by many. I saw this article this week, and it made me wonder if we will ever learn. It made me question, “Whatever happened to the leisure age that we were all promised?”


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