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Full Employment

Here’s an interesting idea. Unemployment in most of Europe and the USA is either rising, or it is not falling. Millions of people are without work in these countries, and the outlook for them finding work remains bleak. They produce nothing for their economies, can buy little, and in those countries where a social welfare state exists, they become a burden on society, taking out, and not contributing. This is a harsh, but a true if not so analytical view of postmodern western society. But while western society looks not for growth, but survival, emerging economies are growing at exponential rates. And many of them are growing due to jobs that were once carried out by the now unemployed in the western economies that have been outsourced. The TVs we watch, the clothes we wear, many of the parts in the cars we drive, if not the cars themselves, the laptops that we blog from, the mobile phones that we use, the call centres we phone when any of the goods or services we use fail or do not meet our expectations – our daily lives are manufactured in the economies that are growng thanks to them.


Would it not be better to at least analyse the costs of bringing the manufacturing of these goods  and the call centres back to Europe and the USA? Analyse them against the costs of stagnant economies, and of supporting the unemployed. Just a idea…


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