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Where are today’s Hemingways and Steinbecks?

Millions of people have lost their jobs and continue to lose them, as the global economic crisis stutters from bad to worse. It would seem that authors and screenplay writers have a wealth of topical information to write about, yet, aside from the odd movie, why do we hear so little about them?

I read this article last year. The BBC gave a good insight into what Of Mice and Men and other books at the time documented.

After the horrors of the Great War and the severe financial (not to mention the devastating human) cost of the War, we spent the roaring 20s forgetting everything on the one hand, whilst the Lost Generation searched for a way to overcome their experiences on the other. Then the global economic crisis hit, and after that World War II. The end result was over 30 years of global upheaval. Could it really be that in tough economic times we want entertainment when we go to the cinema or when we read a book? Are we are looking for an escape from reality? Or are writers afraid to put their observations in print?


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