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The Evolving Postmodern Office

The idea that we create and make our office space our own is something that seems inherent in the human being. We decorate our personal 2 metre squared space with photos, corporate material, our own mug or cup, and organise the desk as we want to. Some people leave papers on their desk, others adher to the tidy desk policy. This is gradually changing though, according to Microsoft’s advisory panel, the Anywhere Organisation, advocating and promoting a more flexible organisation, without assigned desks.

Staff at Microsoft’s new office in Amsterdam have moved from the tradition cramped, modern office building, to a new state of the art design. Employees no longer have a desk, and are encouraged to decide where they work when they go into the office, rather than having a fixed desk. They can choose between an open area that includes a restaurant, a coffee bar, numerous meeting rooms and chill-out areas, private rooms, and hot desks. For the full article, go to the BBCs website:

The postmodern office may offer us more flexibility in choosing physically where we work, although we will lose the idea of a personal space. How will employees adapt? How will Managers lead, manage, motivate, and direct their teams?


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