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Stop outsourcing jobs to emerging nations, and in-source

As Europe continues to look for solutions to exit the crisis and start growing again, has the moment arrived for it to stop arguing and stop talks of nationalistic ideals and points of view, and instead look for common ground, and fast? Any one of the strongest European nations, and maybe soon the USA, is no longer economically strong enough to take on China. Meanwhile, the other emerging nations continue to grow, already entering the world’s top ten producing nations, compared to the stagnant or falling production, or at best, cautious growth of European nations and the USA.


Despite this gloomy picture for Europe and the USA though, the emerging nations should also be aware that they still very much need the customer base that Europe and the USA provides.


Perhaps the time has also come for Europe to protect its economic interests much more than it has done until now. Instead of outsourcing jobs, why not encourage and promote policies to in-source them? Each time a job is shipped abroad one person stops producing for society, and becomes dependant on Government provided social benefits. Compare this to the price of new economic subsidies to companies who bring that labour back home and manufacture in Europe, and penalise companies with higher taxes who bring in products that have been manufactured outside of Europe. This would have a double effect of making more people productive, and so giving them the disposable income necessary to be able to spend and possibly kick-start the economies again. There is also surely a long overdue need for a review of twentieth century social benefits systems, to bring them in line with twenty-first century needs, demands, demographics and economies.


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