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Google Glasses

It seems a logical step to the communications device of the future, a merger of fashion, practicality, and William Gibson inspired cyber-technology. One can see a time when the mobile phone, a “clumsy” device held in the hand, will make way for a lens over the eye – a blend of minimalist fashion glasses, the cell phone, the Tom Tom, and Skype, placing the information over the user’s eye. From the practical – following directions via a GPS as the tourist walks along the street – to the personal contact – drinking coffee in our favourite Starbucks as we Skype with a friend, our family, our loved one – to the business – checking our appointments for the day or responding to emails. Hopefully we would not be foolish enough to drive with! Unless of course the self-driving car, announced by Google a couple of years ago became reality!

When the group at Google(x) revealed details of its research into augmented reality glasses this week, they were asking for feedback on their idea. They state on their website (link below) that they started Project Glass to build the kind of technology that helps people explore and share their world, putting them back in the moment.

The Google Glasses, in case you haven’t seen them, are a minimalist design, made from what seems to be light material, with a microphone and semi-transparent video screen that places information over the view in front of the user’s eye.

If you wish to read further, check out this link:


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