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How depressives surf the internet

How do you spend your online? Do you compulsively check your email? Do you watch video after video on Youtube, whilst switching frequently between different Internet apps and chats? According to a study published by IEEE Society & Technology Magazine and quoted in the New York Times, these are some of the characteristics of “depressive” internet behaviour: increased amounts of time watching videos online, online chatting, and hour after hour surfing seemingly with no end objective. It seems that depressives now have a new way to express their behaviour in the 21st century.


How you surf the web says a lot about you, so the story goes. According to the study, students who showed signs of depression had a propensity to use the web differently when compared to the internet behaviour of those without symptoms of depression. One of the important discoveries found that participants with depressive symptoms showed very high email usage. This perhaps is not so much of a surprise in itself: frequent checking of email has been linked to high levels of anxiety, which in itself is linked to that postmodern workplace stress symptom of being connected 24×7 to work.


I’m not a psychologist; my experience is based almost solely on the study of workplace stress as part of my undergrad degree thesis, but key phrases coming out of the study, such as links to common themes with anxiety sufferers, and a lack of concentration were all important symptoms in people suffering with depression.


Go to the link above to read the full study. Meanwhile, I’m going to switch off facebook and Youtube, and close down some apps.


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