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My big fat Spanish wedding

It’s that time of year again in Spain, when the wedding bells ring out, and then comes the bad news – “you’re invited to a wedding, and here’s our bank account number”. There is an economic crisis, in case you aren’t aware and have been on Mars for a couple of years. Spain has been hit harder than most, and nobody has any money for anything, except that is for weddings and football. Euro 2012 finished recently – and Spain won, again. I’m not into football, but Spain being my adopted country and land of my heart, I was happy, as were the millions celebrating in the streets. And bars and restaurants were full – a month long tonic from the doom and gloom filling newspapers, a cathartic relief from the financial Armageddon that continues to bring company after company over the edge of the cliff, with several countries constantly at its precipice.

Yet there is a helping hand. The Spanish economy is kept afloat by distractions like football and weddings. I normally duck out of wedding invitations. And then one arrives out of the blue, and the novios (the couple) tell you, “Bad news! We’re getting married!” “Why’s that bad news?” I ask, surprised. “Because it’s going to cost you a lot of money to attend!

Included on their invite card is the bank account number where you can deposit the minimum 150€ that it now costs to attend a Spanish wedding, dressed in a suit beneath a baking sun that shows no mercy. Women are under more financial pressure. What if somebody else at the wedding has already been with you to somebody else’s wedding? A new dress is required in case she remembers yours from the 200+ guests last time.

And then there is football – nobody has any money, but during Euro 2012 restaurants and bars with TV screens were full to the door, beers flowing with the same fluid movement of the Spanish football team.

That there is a crisis is not in question. There are many families who are genuinely in a very bad way and struggling to make ends meet. Times are indeed tough, and things may get worse before they get better. It’s just interesting to note that people find money from somewhere when it matters – when it comes down to football and weddings.


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  1. Hi Kelvin,
    Yes, absolutely, people need more distraction in times of uncertain future – why not spend your money now, when the future looks so bleak? What exactly are we saving for? Just wait until we get to a stage where the people have nothing left to lose – that’s the cooking pot for revolutions.

    Comment by Rachel Guerin | July 18, 2012 | Reply

  2. Hello Kelvin. The cost of attending a wedding. Of course you could say, as you have been to a few weddings already this year, you will need another new outfit so perhaps they might, as a gift for you, treat you? you never know.

    Comment by iris wright | July 21, 2012 | Reply

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