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Social networking and the changing way we interact

I came across a humorous cartoon that shows how connections, social contact, meeting new people or connecting with old school friends and work colleagues, and specially flirting (intentar ligar o coquetear/flirtear en Español) have evolved with postmodernism.

Whether or not we believe the movie Social Network (La Red Social), and most likely it is part fact, part dramatic fiction, it is clear that Facebook and social networking have changed the way that we interact and even flirt and try to attract the attentions of the opposite sex. Where once we threw flirting glances (miradas apasionadas), where once we accidently bumped into the girl/guy we quite liked, and where once we made sure that we went to lunch at the same time as our favourite girl/guy from the office, now we invite to connect in Facebook, we poke (dar un toque), we comment on and we like (gustar) photos. The world of connecting and interacting has changed forever.

There is something secure and safe about Facebook and social networks. We can like (gustar) photos and we can comment on them, we can poke (dar un toque) or we can share a link (compartir un enlace) to help achieve rapport or to flirt with somebody we secretly like but don’t have the courage to open our heart. However, there is one thing that social networks have not changed. Be it on Facebook, on any social network, be it in real life away from social networks, if you really like a guy or a girl, eventually, at some point, you need to tell them. One of you must take the first step and tell the other, “Why don’t we meet up some time?”; “Why don’t we get together after work?”. Social networking has changed many things, but not everything.


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