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Sunburn app

One of life’s pleasures in a country that gives us months of uninterrupted sunshine, is the possibility of enjoying long days on the beach to become brown, removing the pale complexion that life in an office gives most of us. Of course, as always it seems that every pleasure has a dark side and a risk. Taking too much sun, or at the wrong time of day has well know risks, both in the short term, producing the lobster look, and longer term risks associated with permanent skin damage and cancer.

An article appeared in Spain’s El Mundo today about a new app that warns us about the risks of burning, depending when and where we are in the world. The smart phone, it appears, has come to the rescue and offered us an app that indicates the temperature of where we are, the current UV radiation level, and even an alarm telling us that we should take a break and some cover.

Of course, as is the case with the morning alarm that tells us we should get up for work; do we ignore it and press snooze for another 5 minutes of sun? Or do we heed the advice and get under cover?

Cartoon by Mark Godfrey,


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