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Adapting social recruitment to the digital age

LinkedIn is for professional profiles, interconnecting professionals, uploading CVs and jobs, and searching both for candidates and vacancies. Facebook is for posting those photos that we hope will never reach our LinkedIn profile (either for their unsuitability or their privacy).


Or so it was – for something is happening.


If most of us were asked, “Do you spend more time on Facebook or LinkedIn?”, the answer would no doubt come out in favour of Facebook. One Swiss recruitment consultancy seems to have realised this and has come up with a creative (and remarkably simple) way to tap into the talent pool, and most likely to Gen Y – click “like” on their page from Facebook, and you will receive all their job offers. They can’t view your private profile, but a simple “like” allows you to receive their vacancies into your updates, whilst you upload holiday photos, build farms, or hoards of vampires, and add status updates. The idea is simple and it moves online recruiting closer to the social platforms that Gen Y use; and since I also clicked “like”, at least one person from Gen X.


Recruitment moved online as the twentieth century said goodbye. Now digital recruitment will see another revolution, and both candidates and companies must adapt. Old stereotypes need to be broken down, and we must be prepared to consider new realities. Companies already engage with external customers via a Facebook page, so why not engage with those who are interested in becoming employees via the same medium? Companies want to tap into their future employees, their future talent, and their future leaders. And a good place to start is to use the social platforms that their future (and current) employees use most.

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  1. I wish it could be a mass reality soon. But, many companies are not even prepared to have a corporate profile in Facebook or Twitter. Do we really believe they are ready to use Facebook as the main tool for recruitment?
    I love your blog, BTW.

    Comment by yomuvi | October 11, 2012 | Reply

  2. Hi Yomuvi. Companies aren’t ready to accept that facebook is a powerful tool that is not being exploited. I’ve spoken to many recruiters who say that facebook cannot be used in recruitment. People spend a lot of time on facebook. I’m not sure if it could or should be the main social recruitment tool, but it certainly should be one of them. It’s like a company that wishes to advertise it’s product to the biggest audience: they will choose the TV programmes and shows with greatest audience reach. Facebook has huge potencial audience reach – and here, the audience is the future talent capable of driving organisations forward.

    Thanks for you feedback 🙂

    Comment by Kelvin Wright | October 12, 2012 | Reply

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