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Ostrich Pillow – a solution to support the corporate siesta

As people sleep less, so the need for a power nap increases. And as mentalities change in the 21st century, and companies come to realise that a 15 minute power nap is a good thing, when not abused, so a Spaniard has invented the Ostrich Pillow. So how long will it be before we see one on a plane? Or, more importantly, in an office?

According to the video, power napping increases proactivity by up  to 34%. So if companies like proactive staff, and if management likes its staff to be energised in the afternoons rather than sleepy, maybe the Ostrich Pillow is one way to support creativity.

All you have to do is find a place to nap, put the pillow on, and close your eyes. Remember to set the alarm though 😉

To read more, in English or Spanish:

If you watched the second video, how long did you make it through before yawning. I made 34 seconds.


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