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With the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics still fresh in people’s minds, one can only be amazed at the feats of the athletes who performed. Whilst the debate of whether London 2012 was the best ever Olympics will go on, there can be little doubt that the Paralympics were the most successful. Whilst television coverage in Spain was sadly not as strong as in some other countries, the performance of its athletes was an inspiration in many ways. Indeed, the performance of all Paralympians must have been inspiring to many “able bodied” people who “can’t” get to a gym or the swimming pool, a bike, go for a walk, or indeed any number of excuses people put up for not exercising.


The memory of Paralympians inspiring a generation of people to take up sport leads nicely into the challenges that disabled people still find in the 21st century workplace. An article on the BBC website highlights that whilst the majority of people already live in fear of losing their job, and as others struggle to even find one, those registered as disabled still face additional challenges in the postmodern workplace. One person though, according to an article on the BBC website (Bionic revolution: The tech getting disabled people into work), believes that he has the answer in bionic technology. The article reports that the bionic limbs are so advanced, that they not only match the functions of a normal human leg, but are in many ways superior. Those of us in Generation X and before will recall Steve Majors and The Bionic Man.

According to the article, however, the next important stage for helping people with disabilities and illnesses in the workplace will arrive via our smartphones, in the form of apps and assisted technology. A Digital Eyes app to assist those who are blind to move around buildings. A bio-medical app to monitor blood sugar levels of people with diabetes, either via manual input, or Bluetooth sensor. Apps to monitor the heart 24/7 for those at risk of coronary problems. The list of possible apps will be limited only by the imagination.

We have become accustomed to seeing Paralympians compete on the same stage as Olympians. How long will it be before we see a work colleague with Pistorius’s blade runner style legs walking around our office?

Original BBC article and photo

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