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Smart watches and glasses – a new fashion trend in smart body apps

I apologise for more radio silence. There’s a lot going on in my life right now, which makes creative work and blogs challenging. But here I am again. Thanks for being patient with me, and thanks for reminding me that I have been too silent!


I’ve always been a fan of watches. For a short period of time, I worked on a Project for the world’s most well known luxury goods brand, working on a number of important HR programmes. During interviews for several new opening boutiques, I asked a potential candidate how she responds if a potential customer asks her why he/she should pay a small fortune for a watch, that to all intents and purposes, does the same as the cheapest on the market: tell you what time it is. She replied, “it’s the only piece of jewellery that any man in any job can wear.” So it’s a functional object for those that just want to know the time without taking out their mobile phone, or it’s a piece of jewellery, a status symbol, a message that somebody once told me: “I bought it as a gift to myself for years of hard work, and to tell myself: I’ve made it.”


Now it seems, we’ll soon have the Smart Watch (possibly with Apple leading the way), that will add a third dimension to the use of the watch. A logical step would be convergence with smartphones; those of us who were kids in the 80s will recall Michael Knight talking into his watch, and will play out the playground fantasy for real. It will be linked to our calendar, reminding us of meetings; it could contain important data in the form of medical information, useful to emergency services if we are ever in an accident; it will likely have a camera and mic, flexible glass and GPS services. Many questions will arise over what the smart watch could contain: what user interface will it have? What operating system? What apps? connection with other devices, as well as the most obvious… how much will it cost? Not that this normally worries Apple’s customers.


The smartwatch will see Apple and others find a new use for the watch beyond telling the time and being a status symbol. As convergence connects more and more ‘standard’ electronic items, converting them into internet devices, we will see the future that we read about , become the present that we live, where our body is technology’s new front line. The apps and computing devices we’ve become used to in our smartphones and iPads are starting their migration to body-worn devices (iwatches and Google Glasses). We are one technological leap prior to the bio-evolution that will see people with gadget implants and wet ware.


iWatch graphic








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