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Do employees value salary and benefits over job security?

According to a study highlighted in the Human Resources magazine, Personnel Today, yes. Potential employees now focus most on a competitive salary and employee benefits when looking for a job, with job security having slipped back to the third most important consideration, according to a survey conducted by the recruiting firm Randstad.


My own view is that this should hardly be surprising. When employees see unemployment either continuing to rise, or at least not necessarily falling; when employees see their companies laying staff off more frequently than they recruit, the whole concept of security and contract type becomes almost incidental: “you may offer me a permanent contract and a long term development plan, but if your reputation is to fire rather than hire, contract type matters little.” As Cuba Gooding Jr’s character tells Jerry Maguire in the film of the same name: “Show me the money!” Employees will look at salary and projects rather than job security.


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