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Titan Arm

Titan Arm  I came across the James Dyson award website by accident, and was glad I did. The James Dyson Award, run by the James Dyson Foundation, is an international initiative that celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers.

One of this year’s entrants was the Titan Arm, an upper-body exoskeleton designed to increase human strength. Among its many uses and applications are for professionals who work in environments where heavy lifting is required: warehouse workers and healthcare professionals for example.

However, there is another use for people whose lives are currently very different and very challenging. Titan could help those who suffer from permanent injuries or disabilities to improve their quality of life, enabling both patients and the elderly to be able to regain their independence.

Whilst exoskeletons are already on the market, they are prohibitively expensive to most. According to the article, Titan was created for less than $2,000, making it more readily available, and perhaps too, offering national health services a much cheaper alternative to 24 hour home help. In this case, cheaper may also be better – the patient would gain independence and not have to rely on somebody else to help with simple chores. Titan could thus offer a more fully empowered life.

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Employees are not pawns

pawns  As January draws to a close, I came across an article, that whilst not entirely original, made a statement that is always worth remembering, both to those of us charged with developing and nurturing others, and to those of us who are employees. One statement stood out in this article:

“Moving people in abrupt ways to different cities, roles, teams, floors, even desks, can and will be traumatic. Movement …. needs to be calculated and thoughtful. Not hurried and rushed.”


January is a time of year when organisations make plans, when they seek to change, to “create better efficiencies”. It’s also one of the key moments in the year when employees who perceive that they are being treated like pawns decide enough is enough, and go off to look for an organisation that will treat them as an individual.



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