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Selfie culture

  There was a time, when if a group of Friends, on holiday, held a camera up to take a self-portrait, a passer-by would have stopped and asked if they wanted a group photo, to which the friends would have gladly accepted. That was before the “selfie” became fashionable – although I have selfies from the pre-digital age, when one had to wait for the film to be developed, to view the image!!).


There are those who don’t like them (I personally love them), but in the social media age there is something quite personal about taking a selfie, and something quite satisfying about immediately sharing it on facebook for friends to see.


The selfie has become something almost cultural, standing alone in the second decade of the twenty-first century. Whether an individual wanting to share their experience atop the world’s highest peak, actors at the Oscars, the President of the United States, the Mars rover, work colleagues or friends, anybody can take part and define their individual moment, share it and post-it. The selfie is spontaneous, not perfectly framed – people gather in close, creating the emotion on the close-ups of their faces. They are our pop art. If we want a photo of the Statue of Liberty, most of us have the small lady in the distance taken from the Staten Island Ferry; many of us have the group shot taken by a fellow tourist slightly miffed that we are ruining his moment by asking him to take our photo – now we can take the photo, and then a selfie – this one is the Statue of Liberty, and that’s me with my friends, in the moment, freezing our asses off as a cold wind wraps itself around the ferry! And ever since the camera became an integral part of the cellphone, we can take a selfie and share it anytime, anywhere (which of course is not always a good thing, despite how funny we believe it is to drink and selfie: once posted, that image may go viral).


So the next time you see between one and twelve people (is there a world record for most number of people in a selfie?) take a self-portrait, don’t be too keen to offer to take a group shot for them.

As a side note, Google “selfie” and look for images 🙂


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