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Dutch girl fakes 5 week holiday

Social-Media-Real-Life-iStock_000019971227XSmall  You’re doing the 21st century version of zapping – thumbing through facebook and social media with increasing envy, perhaps admiration, looking at hundreds, and without realising it, thousands of photos, status updates, newsfeeds of your friends (a concept that has itself changed and evolved with the advent of social media), their lives and their holidays.


We all have them: the friends that live the life that we envy – they seem to travel more than they work. One such person was Dutch student, Zilla van den Born. For 5 weeks Zilla subjected her friends to endless pictures of restaurants, strange food, swimming with exotic multicoloured fish, sitting with a Buddhist monk, as she travelled through South East Asia, when in reality she never left her home in Amsterdam. It was an illusion, a fake, a (very successful) attempt to show how social media does not necessarily reflect real life. It was a University project to show how people use social media to manipulate what they want to show. In her own words, “…we create an online world which reality can no longer meet.”


Zilla’s goal was to prove how common and easy it is to distort reality.


This got me thinking – we all know that pictures of the famous are manipulated with Photoshop – blemishes are removed, wrinkles are ironed out, just as the lives of reality TV stars are manipulated into something that people will watch. However, have we considered just how pathetically easy it is to manipulate reality in our own lives? A photo, a status, a newsfeed – social media allows us all to distort real life into whatever version of cyber reality we wish to show.


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