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Street photographer photographs people on their Smartphones

death of conversation Smartphones are great – they keep us in touch with people, but not always the person we are with; they let us know what is going on in people’s lives, but not always to listen when they tell us; they allow us to interact with hundreds, thousands of people at a time, but can prevent us communicating with one single person who is in company with us.

Street photographer Babycakes Romero started to photograph people in company on their smartphones. Are smartphones really killing conversation, as this series of photos suggests? I wouldn’t personally go that far. Smartphones and tablets help us to interact differently, allowing us to build communities and form a part of them on a level that has not been possible before. However, I do struggle to comprehend a couple who go out to dinner, and barely utter a word, as each is on their phone.

Though when I meet up with a friend, I am more interested in them than my social networks. These I can check, update and review any time I want – but time is precious – I treasure and value the moments when I am with somebody. I guess time and place is the key here: I love my iPhone, as much as I do the iPad – I interact, blog, tweet, and upload, just not when I am in company, unless of course I want to share the moment with others, with my network.

Click on the link to view the photos:


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  1. Social phenomenon. I’m liking the signs springing up in cafes that say, “Switch your phone off and TALK to each other.” Just wait until sim-stim and total immersion virts come online. People are just going to drop out of reality.

    Comment by David J Rodger | November 3, 2014 | Reply

  2. Thanks for this reflection. I absolutly agree with you and I think we are really lucky to enjoy the people we are surrounded: each conversation, each gesture, each smile…that is something with huge value that any smartphone could give us, up to now at least!

    Comment by Elena | November 4, 2014 | Reply

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