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We went to a match,

but recall not the score,

Just the 3 bombs,

that started the war.

Others at restaurants,

eating with friends,

Many at a theatre

would die by the tens.


Filled with hate,

Ready to fight,

They arrived in dark cars,

Beneath the shadow of night:

“Forward soldiers!”

“There is your prey!”

Onward they marched,

Ready to slay,


Attack to the left, Attack to the right

Attack to the centre

Shoot whoever’s in sight,

This was no battle, against warriors great,

Instead against innocents,

who fell where they ate,

Women and children,

Babies and men,

People who would never,

see their loved ones again


Onto a theatre,

Where a concert played,

To continue the killing,

So many afraid.

Some escaped, too many did not,

A hand let go, another one shot.


Little time to react,

Less to run,

The cowards in front,

Their hate and a gun.

They say it’s for religion

But care not who they slay,

They wish only to die

and this is their day.


And after the bloodshed,

With defiance in our veins,

We overcame the anger,

And we sang La Marseillaise,

With our hearts and our voices,

our pride, and our pain

We left stade francais

disbelief at the insane


Later we would stop,

Unable to breath,

To pause and reflect,

And to cry and to grieve

All the world wondered,

What had we seen?

How could this happen

In twenty-fifteen?


It is still on your mind,

that it could happen again,

that out of the shadows,

could step evil men.

But we must go out,

Take a firm stance,

And in unity shout,

Vive la France!





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